Small Business Start Up Series: Part 4 - SCORE

Today we close out our small business start-up series with a discussion on SCORE. On todays, straight shot marketing podcast.


Hello, welcome everyone. Today is part four, the final chapter in our small business start up series. We started, with part 1, discussing Building The Foundation for your business, then we’ve interviewed and discussed the roles of the SBDC and Chamber of Commerce in our business communities, and today, we have a special guest – Bill Foust, from SCORE.


Welcome Bill so good to have you.


Now, if you have been watching or listening to this series, you have heard us mention SCORE. SCORE stands for Service Corp of Retired Executives and they are another of the organizations that serve the business community across the country. And they are one of my favorites personally.



1. So Bill, tell me some of the history of SCORE, how did it get started. I believe it was  around the time of Lyndon B Johnson, but give us some detail around the why and purpose.


2. Tell me about you and your role within SCORE.


3. Let’s discuss some of the offerings that SCORE provides to the business community.


4. In talking about the mentor program, what does SCORE look for in a mentor?


5. Describe the process to me, what would a mentor relationship look like?


6. What are some common struggles or situations that a business owner might bring to a mentor?


7. Tell me about the workshops, I know Zachary does a lot of workshops for SCORE. So guys tell me about those.


8. How would you describe the differences between SCORE, the SBA proper, and the SBDC


Alright, let’s take a moment to hear from our sponsors and when we get back, I’ll ask Zachary to give us the Straight Shot for today’s episode.




Welcome back everyone, we have been talking with Bill Foust from Score and discussing yet another of the resources available to the Business community.


Zachary, what do you have for us today in the way of this episode’s Straight Shot?



I think I’ll talk about the take aways from today’s episode and the whole series as well.


SCORE is a resource for new and existing business owners that helps them answer questions from experience. That’s the biggest value to the mentor program. And that’s huge. Being able to tap into people that have been in your industry and had a successful business before is a great opportunity. All the conversations have priest like confidentiality, so it’s a safe place to get answers to some of a business owners most difficult questions.


The workshops are there, in my opinion, to bring in newer executives and experts to talk on focused subjects and provide answers to modern questions. SCORE asks me to come in and teach on a variety of business communication subjects throughout the year and throughout the Atlanta metro area. SCORE is made up of seasoned and retired executives and their experience is vital, but the marketplace is consistently changing, so through this program, they provide from both experience and current practice for the business community.

And that is what this series has been all about. Providing teachings and resources that are available to entrepreneurs and start-ups, as well as existing businesses, to help them in their journey towards success.


J- Yes, and if you are new to Straight Shot, go back and watch or listen to the other episodes in the series to hear about building your company’s foundation, about the SBDC, and the Chamber. These are all valuable resources that are available to you as part of the business community.


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Bill, that you again for joining us today. We truly appreciate you and everything that SCORE does for the business community.


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Until next time, Bye






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