COVID-19; Returning To Work

The nation begins to wake up from locked down. What does that mean for you as a business owner?

Join us as we continue our COVID-19/Work From Home series on today’s Straight Shot Marketing Podcast.


Welcome everyone, thank you for joining us for what we hope will be the last podcast shot from our home studio during the COVID-19/Corona Virus Pandemic! In our state, Georgia, the mandatory stay-at-home order is expired and the governor has put in place new regulations and guidelines for businesses to begin reopening.

And lots of people have their opinions about that… Zachary, what are your thoughts?


Z: Well, I, like a lot of people, have decided to wait a little longer and see how the numbers change as people begin to rush back out. Safety is of the utmost concern for me… but followed closely by the state of the economy. Now, we’ve been able to make some adjustments and then work for home but I understand that some businesses really need to open their doors. The government’s assistance has been late, of little help to many, or misappropriated… and people have to feed their families.


J: Well, let’s talk about that. What are some of the things that business owners have been going through during this pandemic?



-converting to work from home

-furloughing staff

-dealing with the public staying at home

-Sba funds and gov helps

-everything is in the digital world


J: Now we talked a little bit in our first COVID centered episode about things that business owners should be doing for their business during this time. I guess those things still stand?


Z: Yes, the pandemic is not over. We are just starting to see a glimpse into coming out of it. The things we mentioned, you should still be doing:

- Communicating with your audience via digital means

    o Talk with them

    o Commiserate

    o Inform them on maintenance until you reopen

    o  Tell them how to still work with you

- Keeping your business alive by converting to digital product or service delivery whenever possible

- Keeping your business alive by converting to digital product or service delivery whenever possible

    o Develop ecommerce

    o Online meetings and consultation

    o Develop an app

    o Call ahead

    o Curb delivery


- Preparing for reopening.

    o Be ready for backlash from some

    o Be ready for a shift in understanding and behavior from both employees, customers, and your self

    o Focus on family

    o New appreciation for working from home and stay at home parents

    o Difficulty coming to the office and adjusting to going back to work

    o Keep the new developments you’ve made

    o Is work from home now an option

    o Is learn from home now an option

    o Do you need to keep curb side service

    o Do you need to keep online meetings and consultation

    o Do you need to keep ecommerce


J:  Do you need to keep.. The ability to take busines phonecalls from your cell phone? See what I did there? I’m talking about Tresta, one of our sponsors… let’s take a break and pay a few bills…




Thank you to our sponsors. Back to the show, we are talking about preparing to reopen when the pandemic is over.


Yes, we were talking about keeping the new develops that you’ve made during the secure in place order. But you should also keep developing these incase something else happens or there is a reoccurrence.

    o You can no longer ignore the digital realm (as some business owners have been)

    o We have to look outside of our comfort zones

    o Stay engaged in social media, allowing virtual meetings, sponsoring podcasts, connecting with the community, etc.

    o Keep looking at every angle and opportunity you have available for your business


J: So Zachary, what’s the straight shot for today


o Keep on keeping on.

o Keep your eyes open, be aware of your surroundings and what’s going on in the marketplace and in our economy.

o Be informed

o Stay position

o Stay safe.


J: You guys can follow Zachary on social media if you don’t already and you have questions or just want additional insights from him in your social media feed. He’s “B. Zachary Bennett” on most places: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc…


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And until next time, hopefully in the studio, bye






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