COVID-19: Business Must Go On

Every great corporation and business empire started somewhere. There are foundational truths that all successful companies are built on. Today, we are gonna talk about some of those on this episode of Straight Shot Marketing Podcast.


We are interrupting our scheduled series to bring you a special episode based on the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic as it relates to your business. Join us as we discuss what businesses should be doing during this national and local state of emergency.


Welcome everyone.

Most of our country is under stay-at-home orders and most non-essential businesses (those that don’t provide healthcare or food related services) have been ordered to close their offices due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Reformation Productions is one of them. You can see, we are not in our studio today. Our office is one of the thousands across the country that have been forced closed due to COVID-19. Our employees are working from home, just like yours. This is our home studio. I thought I would never say this, but since Zachary is a work-a-holic, he set up this home studio so that he can work on things like his book, music, video editing, graphics, etc. during his off time… and because of that, we are able to continue the podcast.


Z _ I think most business owners and c-level executives have an office at home. That drive that it takes to start a business doesn’t stop at 5 o’clock.


J_Well I’m sure they are all getting extra use out of it now.

So this is an unplanned, emergency episode that we are doing because so much of our audience – business owners and business professionals are being severely effected by the Corona Virus pandemic.


Several businesses are closing their doors as this is taking a real toll on our economy.

So we wanted to come on and discuss what businesses can do to survive this time.

There are a few things you should be doing for your business during this time:


• Keep in touch with your customers, your audience, via digital media

-Right now everyone is using digital media to stay connected

-It’s also how you should stay connected to them


So what should you be saying?


•If you are still operating, let people know you haven’t closed and how to get in touch with you remotely

- You can see some efforts by larger brands on TV

o Burger King is giving away 2 kids meals by drive-thru

o Wendy’s is giving away frosties because “we could all use them”

o Hyundai is offering financial assistance to their customers

o Jimmy Johns is donating to the relief effort

- They are doing several things with these:

o We are still open, in a modified way

o We are understanding and helping – connecting with their customers during this time

•If you have paused operations, let them know that you are respecting everyone’s safety but you will see them when the pandemic is over.

- Helping and understanding – connecting during this time

- Showcasing solidarity


+ Look at your audience… what do they need right now? What can you do to provide that need during these times

 - as an agency, we are looking at the community and realizing what they need to do to survive this pandemic as a business.

 - And we are trying to help them meet that need – everything we are talking about in this episode, we are doing for new and existing clients

- Not only is it helping them, but it’s helping us to keep the lights on

- Banks and financial businesses are developing and promoting new programs that are specific to the time period. All in an effort to help and to stay in business themselves


Look at the current habits and lifestyle of your audience:


1. Several business are hiring right now. They are either in an essential business or they work well with employees working remotely. If you are one of them, now is a good time to reach out to candidates using social media.


•  Several people are out of work. Now is a good time to get your hiring message out there.


2. Everyone is at home… and they are connecting with others and entertaining themselves by digital means


There are several digital media tools to reach your audience:


• Social Media & Podcasts sponsorships are the easiest, quickest ways to reach your audience during this time. And both methods are in heavy use as people are being forced to stay in their homes


o Create digital content to use on social media platforms:

 YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram

 Not only as standard social media content to existing customers but also to use in advertising on these platforms to meet potential customers.


o Explore podcast sponsorships. We are developing spots for companies and placing them on podcasts that fit their targeted audience.


 And we’re not talking about only Straight Shot. Any podcast that reaches your audience.. you can connect with and sponsor.


 That’s right, our audience is business owners, c-level executives, and marketing professionals – may be yours is different and our audience isn’t right for your business… so look at your target profile and match an available podcast that they might be listening to, to it.


 And podcast sponsorships can be quite cost efficient, depending on what time of sponsorship you are doing.


Well, since we are discussing podcast sponsorships, let’s talk about the sponsors of this episode.

o Ok, and let’s do it by example if you don’t mind.

Oh, ok.. well this in an example of a “mid roll read” from our sponsor – Personal Revolution


This episode is sponsored by A Personal Revolution Podcast.


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These are examples of the most common sponsorship opportunities but there are several available. If you want to know more about podcasts, we did an episode a few weeks ago about how businesses can utilize podcasting.


Ok, back to our subject for today’s episode. Now is also a great time to - do the things you haven’t been able to do b/c you felt you were too busy or you felt you didn’t have the time

• Blogging

• Redoing your website

• Update your branding or messaging

• Update your look and feel

• Consumer research

• Maybe moving forward with starting your own podcast

• Writing a book


That’s right, Zachary is taking some of this time to finish up his book –Married To Marketing -  which is now available for pre-sale at bzacharybennett.com


Yes, we are in the final stages of the audio book and we are waiting on one final element for the print version and we’ll be off to the presses. The book is about the comparable relationship between the romantic relationships that we have as humans and the business relationships that companies have with their customers. I’m proud of it and I hope it helps the business community. I walk through the business and marketing processes within the relationship building analogy. I hope you’ll find it entertaining as well as insightful, a help for you in your business.


Go to BZacharyBennett.com/M2M, if you want to know more or to preorder an autographed,  numbered copy, today.

That’s another example of a podcast sponsorship, being integrated into the show. Lol.


The Straight Shot

But right now, let’s talk about the Straight Shot for today’s episode.

Don’t stop your business. There is still work to do. Don’t take this lying down. Make the most out of the current situation.

 You should still communicate with your audiences. You are not dead.


Use the power of digital media. That’s where people are right now. Use it.

• Social Media and Podcasts  - make content like we’ve described here today. To let your audience know you are still here and how to work with you or that you are sympathetic and understanding – connect with them as we go through this time


• If you are hiring, there is a large pool – help put them back to work.


• Do the things you felt you haven’t had time to do. The behind the scenes things that you may feel you have been too business to invest in when business was normal and buzzing all around you. Use this time to help organize and re-structure things for your business


Well folks, thank you for joining us today. I hope this episode helps you. If you need the agency to develop any of the content we’ve discussed today, reach out to us. Our thoughts and prayers are with the business community and all of our country as we go through this pandemic. Let’s all remember, it’s not the end… it’s just a temporary situation that we all must get through – together.


As always, if you haven’t already please like and subscribe wherever you are listening to this podcast. Please write a review for us on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts for android users. Leave us a comment on youtube or social media. And we’ll see you next time. Bye



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