Small Business Start-Up; Part 3: The Chamber of Commerce

There are numerous resources available to business owners within their communities, last week, we discussed the SBDC, with Benny SantaRomana, this week - we’ll explore the Chamber of Commerce, on today’s straight shot marketing podcast


Welcome to the show, as we continue in our Small Business Start Up series. The series where we are talking about various community resources that are available to businesses and how they can provide value to business owners.

And we have a special guest with us today, CALLY D’ANGELO. She is the SENIOR DIRECTOR OF MEMBERSHIP SERVICES AND SMALL BUSINESS INITIATIVES with the Gwinnett Chamber. Hello Cally, welcome.


Thank you for joining us for this episode. Today, we are going to explore the Chamber of Commerce. Most all communities have one, Cally here, is from our local Gwinnett Chamber that Reformation Productions belongs to.


Chambers of Commerce are community-based organizations, normally membership based, that focus on helping their local business communities in several tangible ways. Cally was gracious enough to come here today and walk with us in discussion as we talk about those ways.


So, let me start off kinda broad,

• Every city has a chamber of commerce, what can you tell me about why chambers of commerce are important for the communities, in general?


Chambers are here to serve the business community on a local level.

They are membership based.


<Interview with Cally D'Angelo>

• How would you describe the Gwinnett Chamber's role within the business community?

• What is your role/position at the Gwinnett Chamber?

• What does the chamber do for small business owners?

• How is the chamber structured?


Many chambers have different membership levels:

- Basic Membership,

- Premium Membership,

- Executive Membership


Normally, the differences involve member demographics (age, experience, business size) and various sponsorship opportunities


• What are some of the programs that the chamber offers for NEW businesses?

• What are some of the programs that the chamber offers for EXISTING businesses?

• What is the mission of the Chamber?

• Plainly speaking, what would you say are the benefits that a business will have by joining the Chamber?

• What are some resources available to business owners through the Chamber?



Ok, we are going to take a quick break to hear from our sponsors, but when we get back – we’ll ask Zachary for the Straight Shot to today’s episode on the Chamber of Commerce, part 3 of our Small Business Start Up Series.


Ok Zachary, let’s have the Straight Shot summary for today’s episode:


The Straight Shot

Most chambers function in 4 major areas:

• Legislative Advocacy

o Collecting relative info

o Lobbying

o Representing the biz community

o Civic connections

• Resource Provider

o Research Databases

o Library

• Connecting People - Networking

o Organic growth

o Recruitment

o Companionship/Understanding

o Resources and Relationships

o Support and partnerships (cobranding opportunities)

• Education

o Lunch n learns

o Seminars

o Expos


Most also have sponsorship opportunities that can help you get your brand out there:

• Member directory

• Awards


Other benefits:

• Ribbon cutting

• Expos and career day events

• Discounts

• Arbitration

• Experience


It takes investment in both time and money, but be careful of getting sucked into doing everything.


Ok, so there you have it… another Straight Shot episode in the can. We hope you found value in our discussion here today and will look into your local Chamber of Commerce, they make a great resource to add to your company’s arsenal.


Thank you Cally for taking the time out to join us today.


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Until next time, Bye


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