EXAMPLES OF OUR WORK: Point of Service Collateral Materials

As an e-commerce business, Label Village's main points of contact with their consumers are when they are visiting their website and when a delivery is made. To make the most out of this last contact, Reformation Productions developed several tools to help increase repeat business through package delivery.




Package Insert/Newsletter

Packing Slip

Package Labeling

By adding a secondary label to the packaging, we were able to showcase another use for their product, make the package branded from the outside, and showcase the brand voice.





We utilized a newsletter as a package insert so that we could further communicate with customers in a cost efficient manner. Here we are able to showcase products and usage the customer may not have thought of as a way to increase sales, further showcase the brand and available features of the web community, and more.





We designed a packaging slip that filled it's necessary function while being brand consistent and in the correct workflow for the client.