EXAMPLES OF OUR WORK: New Brand Identity

Label Village was originally a company called Labeltech, which was doing business with a website at laserinkjetlabels.com, During discovery, we discovered that Labeltech was a name business used in other parts of the country and we determined that laserinkjetlabels.com, which being rich in key words, was not a proper term and didn't share consistency with the company name. Moving through the Straight Line Marketing process, we recommended a complete rebranding of the company and a focus on their customers, offerings, brand differentiators, and other elements learned through the process.





New Name and Logo

Campaign Concept

Corporate ID Materials

When we went into the THINK stage meeting, we presented three concepts in addition to the recommendation to change the brand's name.  Because the name change had not been approved yet, we fashioned a new logo to make the most out of both the current name and the url to use in the concept ads.


To the right, you can see the winning concept "Make It Stick" - as well as the pre-name change logo update. With the name change, the logo and color scheme used in the ad (which were originally set to match the updated logo) would be changed from this to what we have to day.